For all USAC specific information please visit for the most current information.  You are responsible for knowing all the USAC rules and procedures for your .25 driver.  The National point structure has changed for 2016, our region will use the 2015 USAC Structure, please click here for more information.

You can navigate to each club specific page on this site by using the navigation bar or clicking the track image below.

We will do our best to have track specific rules, updates and guidelines for each Regional Event, if you have specific questions please contact your club president or the president for the hosting club!  

Standard Event Agenda!  Due to track limitations Hagerstown had to alter their tentative Agenda!‚Äč

Welcome to the Fast 5 Dirt Region

This website is to provide our region with information about the USAC Regional Series.  You will find information for each track in our area and register for the USAC Regional Races in our area.